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Munich, Here We Come!


Kathe Wohlfahrt Christmas museum and store.

August 8, 2014
Our goal for the morning was to explore more of the town and shop. We had until 12:50 p.m. before we had to catch the Romantic Road bus to Munich. As we approached a Rothenburg street corner, we saw a gold statue drawing a lot of attention. When it started moving, we realized it was a mime. We stood watching for a while and then moseyed on.

We discovered Rothenburg’s largest church, St. Jakob’s. The Lutheran Church, built between 1311-1484, was a great example of Gothic architecture with its high arched ceilings, stone pillars and towers. Inside, the church had wonderful woodcarvings and beautiful stain glass windows. St. Jakob’s high alter; also called the Twelve Apostles Alter was considered to be the finest in all Germany. After exploring the church, I sat in the main hall and took in all the beauty and reverence around me. The sunlight shone through the stained glass windows and bathed the alter in color. It was a lovely place to rest and reflect.

Dan and Kevin were on a mission to shop for cuckoo clocks and beer steins. After exploring several stores, they discovered a wonderful little shop and found the gifts they were looking for. After they finished shopping, we had just enough time to return to our hotel, grab our luggage and hoof it to the bus station to catch the Romantic Road bus.  

We boarded the tour bus and readied ourselves for a five-hour ride to Munich. The bus was half-full and we had plenty of room to move around. Our gregarious driver greeted us, made sure all were accounted for and then started on our journey. Germany’s Romantic Road was a trade route during the middle ages and ran from Frankfurt south to Fussen, near the Austrian border.

We traveled by beautiful pastoral countryside with small medieval towns tucked in between. The driver provided several opportunities for us to depart the bus for a few minutes and explore some of the towns. It was a long but enjoyable ride with the bus driver providing commentary on things of interest. When we arrived in Munich, we walked twenty minutes to our hotel. After getting situated, we headed to a neighborhood beer garden for supper. Sausage, French fries, German potato salad, pretzels and beer were on the menu.

Bis spater,



A mime standing on a Rothenburg corner.


The high alter of St. Jacob’s Church.


A Rothenburg store window full of collectables.


Rodge and Mr. Nutcracker.


A bear entertaining us from a toy store window.


A store window full of steins.


The German countryside along the Romantic Road.


The guys drinking dinner in a Munich Beer Garden.


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