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We Set Sail on the MS Volendam!


A view of Skagway harbor from the cruise ship Volendam.


January 29, 2017

After riding buses, trains and flying in planes over the last ten days it was time to start the sea portion of our trip. We departed our hotel at 10:30 a.m. and were shuttled to the harbor where we embarked on the Holland America cruise ship MS Volendam. Our stateroom was on the second deck—the same deck as the gangway entrance which made it convenient when arriving and departing the ship. Our baggage was staged inside the room so we immediately settled in.

Next, we were off to the Lido Deck for our first meal on board. Let the food frenzy begin. After lunch, some exploring about the decks, and a bit of time reading through the shipboard literature in our stateroom, we donned our trusty backpacks again. It was time to go back ashore and do some final exploring in Skagway. We walked up and down the main street poking in the various stores and making minor purchases (remembering that our luggage was pretty full). We stopped and got some ice cream, then spent some time enjoying it and the view from the roadside bench outside the store. The mini-shopping spree ended in plenty of time to reboard the ship before the underway deadline.

When we arrived back on board the ship it was 5 p.m. and time to eat again. We arrived at the Lido Restaurant for a dinner buffet. At 7 p.m. we joined several people from our land journey at a cocktail party hosted by the captain for newly embarked passengers from Skagway. Later we attended an “Alaska in Concert” event in the ship’s theater. It consisted of silent video clips of Alaska and its wildlife accompanied by live music played by seven musicians on stage. Some of the video clips depicted amazing wildlife activity that we had never seen before. The overall effect was marvelous. Sometime during the show, the ship got underway for Glacier Bay National Park. At 9 p.m., after the concert, we spent time on the top deck enjoying spectacular views as the sun set. When we arrived in our room, we were greeted by a bunny towel animal made by our steward.

Fair winds,


It is Saturday on the Volendam.


Our stateroom for the next four days.


The Lido Pool ready for some action.


Atop the Volendam looking down on the White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad.


A close up of a WP&YR railroad car.


Another cruise ship lurking behind the Volendam.



Another “dam” ship.


It’s longer than it looks!


Skagway’s small boat harbor.


The Volendam lassoed to the sea wall!


A ferry returning from Haines, Alaska.


A view of Skagway harbor.


On Volendam’s top deck.


Saying goodbye to Skagway, Alaska.


Heading to Glacier Bay National Park.


We follow another cruise ship in the Lynn Canal.


The sleeping area in our stateroom.


A cute bunny towel animal made by our steward.



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